Synthesiser Pedal

Music 440 has the Perfect Synthesiser Pedal for You

Music 440 has been perfectly in tune with the changing needs of Australian musicians for the last 22 years, and that includes providing your next synthesiser pedal. The right synth pedal can take your guitar’s sound to the next level, greatly expanding on what it can do. Our experienced and helpful staff are here to help find the perfect one for the type of music you play and enjoy.

What Sets Music 440 Apart Regarding a Rhythm Loop Station 

Looping pedals can let a single musician become an entire band all in themselves. Live looper pedals are extremely popular among such diverse performers as Ed Sheeran, Reggie Watts, Kimbra and more. You can use our next-generation rhythm loop stations such as the Boss RC10R for live performances, daily practice or song writing sessions and comes preloaded with 280 rhythmic styles and 16 versatile drum kits. Here are a few of the benefits you receive when you come to us for these amazing tools:

  • We have a selection of looper pedals and stations that will include the right one for you at the right price. These range from simple loopers to fill out your sound to ones that will let you perform as a band all by yourself.
  • Our experienced staff are also musicians. Trust in their knowledge when you are unsure which effects pedal will work best for you, from loopers to a multi modulator.
  • Our goal is to get you the right effects pedal and that even includes when you are unable to pay for it right away. This convenient option is why we proudly offer Afterpay, and Zip Money. With Afterpay, you get your gear now and make four interest-free instalment payments fortnightly. Zip Money offers payment over six months, also interest-free. 

What You Can Expect From Music 440 Regarding Distortion Pedals

Distortion was the first electric guitar effect ever used, pioneered by western and blues guitarists in the early days of amplifiers to get a fuzzy or growling tone out of their instruments. Thankfully, we no longer have to use their methods to get the same sounds because of pedals. Some of the distortion effects we can offer include:

  • You can’t go wrong with old school distortion pedals for the rock sound of the 60s. 
  • If you are looking for huge mids and lows with an ultra-saturated sound, the Boss Metal Zone might be right for you.
  • Fuzz pedals lent themselves to the iconic sound of the 60s and 70s, so if you want to go retro, you can’t go wrong with one of them. 

What Customers Stand to Gain if They Use Music 440

Music is one of life’s great joys both to listen to and to play along with the band. We want your experience at our store to be just as joyful, which is why we aim to be a guitar store for everyone. When you come to us, we won’t just try to make the hard sell and push you into a guitar that won’t work for you. We desire to find the right guitar for the right person at the right price. Contact us for all your guitar needs, including when you are in the market for a boost pedal.