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Finley 2B Hickory Wood Tip Drum Sticks

Finley 2B Hickory Wood Tip Drum Sticks - Music 440
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THE FEELS: Not what you think. The 2b has widely been used for predominantly metal/heavy/rock music. Although, it comes down to personal taste. If you have large hands, then holding a small stick like 7a or 5a could be uncomfortable. Maybe you are in a marching band and want to play more kit, then the 2b will feel more familiar to you in the initial switch over. Playing larger venues or wanting a heavier thud on a tom for either live playing or recording could see you picking up a pair in the future. Finley sticks are the combination of everything that you love about a good pair of hickories. It has been tried and tested by you, the drummers of the world, using all forms of social media feedback to create what you wanted in a standard stick. everything was decided by drummers feedback from how heavy the laquer should be, to the dimensions, to the taper, to the half sawn off butt, right down to the tip being slightly more rounded for a warmer full tone sound. We wanted to create a stick so that any drummer from around the world could pick up a pair and immediately go “yep, that feels good.”

REAL TALK: Finley drumsticks are made with first quality hickory and are paired to perfection, using both electronic testing and a human touch. All Finley’s drum kit sticks are made with the highest quality of hickory available, guaranteeing the best response, durability, resilience, tone and consistency in every pair. Our hickory sticks are dried to a 9% moisture content which is what Finley calls ‘the sweet spot.’ This is the perfect balance for a beginner to a pro. All our sticks have a 15% lacquer finish creating a feel that grips and won’t slip.The slightly rounded teardrop tip gives a warm tone and an excellent cymbal response.