Guitar Repairs

Full-Service Guitar Repairs Monday through Saturday

We’re known as a go-to music shop that sells guitars and gear to the Brisbane metro area, but did you know we also offer guitar repairs? Our team of experienced musicians are not only able to set you up with the right gear for your needs as a beginner, novice or pro, but we can provide full-service guitar repairs in our store. 

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You know your guitar better than anyone, so if something seems off, it probably is. Don’t fret - we will help you figure out what’s going on and have you playing again in no time. We listen, diagnose and discuss options before all guitar repairs.


  • We Listen First, Then Diagnose. Before we do anything, we listen to what’s been happening, so that we know the full scope of the issue. Once you’ve told us what’s wrong, showed us your guitar and let us take a listen, then we’ll diagnose the problem. 
  • We Discuss Repair Options. Once we’ve figured out the issue(s) you’re having with your instrument, we’ll explain what we need to do to fix it. We’ll tell you the options and let you decide what happens next. It’s your guitar, your money, your life—we want to help you get the most from of them. 
  • We Get You Back to Playing Fast. In most cases, we can do repairs on the spot, but if it takes longer, you can drop your guitar with us and look around the store or come back to pick it up later. We know how frustrating it can be when your instrument isn’t working right, so we help you get back to playing fast. 

The Importance of Guitar Repairs 

When something’s is wrong, don’t wait until it gets worse before you ask us for help. A simple guitar repair at the right time can keep your guitar in better shape for longer than if you try to play through the pain. 


  • Repairs Can Save You Money in the Long Run. Even if you think you can fix an issue, you're having with some DIY care, consider the longevity of your guitar before you start trying to fix fret buzz, cracked bindings or a twisted neck on your own. Ultimately, you want to avoid making things worse, which could require a more costly repair in the end.
  • We Can Show You Good Maintenance Techniques. When we service your guitar or instrument, we will also show you ways to prevent that same problem from reoccurring. By practising good maintenance techniques, your guitar can last you even longer with less wear and tear that could impact playability.
  • Your Guitar’s Health Matters. A healthy guitar is a happy guitar, and when your guitar is happy, you’ll have a better sound and a better time playing it. You want any distortions in sound to be intentional, not because your truss rod is out of whack. 

Why Trust Music 440 Regarding You Gear

We’ve been selling and servicing guitars for over two decades, and we know that if you’re coming to our shop instead of other music stores in Brisbane, it’s because your guitar is your world. Our staff are all guitar players with years of experience working with players of all skill levels to get the service and equipment they need to keep doing what they love. Your guitar will be in good hands with us. 

If you’re having a problem with your guitar or something doesn’t feel right, call, email or visit us at our music store in Indooroopilly to see how we can help.