Fender Guitars

Enjoy a Helpful Experience When You Want to Shop for Fender Guitars

Fender guitars have a reputation for quality and deep, complex sounds, and many of the most famous guitarists have slung Fenders over their shoulders on stage. Are you interested in looking at a Fender Player or a Fender Vintera to add to or start your instrument collection? At Music 440, we make it simple to find not only fine guitars, but also a vast range of other products as well. How can we help you make music?

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Squier Guitars

Whether you're looking for a Fender American Performer or something from another leading luthier such as Squier, it's essential to recognise that you're making an investment. How can you make the most of the money you're about to spend?

  • Start with a clear idea of what you want to look for in a guitar, because it will inform every other decision you make. With a strong foundation to use for beginning your search, you can ensure that whatever purchase you ultimately decide to make is a worthwhile investment. 
  • Do your homework. There are differences between Telecasters and Stratocasters that may not always be immediately apparent, but which could affect your enjoyment when playing the instrument. When in doubt, ask questions of those with hands-on experience playing these guitars. 
  • Make sure you have everything you need to provide proper care and maintenance for your guitar. Research and careful decision making can help to extract the most value from your purchase, but protecting that investment over the long term will help, too. Music 440 has everything you need, from protective cases to extra strings and more, to help you make the most of your instrument. 

The Benefits of Purchasing Hagstrom Guitars from Music 440

There are some specific benefits to shopping for a particular guitar from Hagstrom or Fender, such as the American Elite, from Music 440. Here's how we make your task easier:

  • Enjoy a broader selection as you shop. The size of our catalogue enables buyers to not only find an acoustic or electric guitar that delivers the rich tones they want to hear, but also to select an instrument that reflects a preferred visual styling. 
  • Take advantage of more time to pay for your purchase. We aim to make it as easy as possible for everyone to afford the guitar they want — you shouldn't need to be on tour for the majority of the year to snag a new instrument for your collection. With flexible options that include AfterPay, planning to pay over time instead of upfront is much simpler. 
  • Skip the hassle of travelling to multiple music stores looking for the right kind of instrument. Not only do we sell Hagstrom electric guitars, but we also have acoustic models and even bass guitars perfect for the beginner to the intermediate and advanced players. (Check out our Hagstrom selection) from the comfort of home right now. 

Why Should You Shop with Music 440? 

Aside from the size of our catalogue, there are other reasons we stand out for guitarists on a mission to find another instrument:

  • Our doors are open to everybody. From the young and the old to players of every skill level, we welcome everyone by creating a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Instead of feeling the need to make a purchase, we aim to allow you the opportunity to explore the wide world of guitars at your own pace, both online and in our shop. 
  • We put a serious emphasis on customer service, and that means taking all the time necessary to help someone locate the ideal instrument to meet their needs. 
  • Our ability to offer AfterPay and ZipPay options enable even more people to experience the joy of playing a quality instrument. With no deposit guitar financing, the one that seems completely out of reach could actually be yours. Combined with our dedication to helping you locate the right guitar, and Music 440 is simply the easiest place to find your next instrument. 

Why Trust Music 440 Regarding Ibanez Guitars? 

Trust is an important factor in the relationship between a buyer and seller, especially when you're investing in a guitar. Here's how we've worked to establish that trust with our customers:

  • We've been in business for more than 20 years. Not only have we worked hard to cultivate a reputation for quality and reliability in that time, but we've also always worked hard to stay on top of the latest developments across the industry. We can help you come up to speed with what's new. 
  • We test and experiment with every type of instrument we sell, and we interact with the instruments extensively before we put something new up for sale. As musicians ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be to pick up a guitar that seems awesome but turns out not to be what you like at all. We won't sell you a product we wouldn't be happy to use and play ourselves. 
  • Our staff will never push you towards a guitar that isn't the right choice. We never steer beginners towards top-shelf models for advanced players, nor do we employ pushy tactics when you're trying to decide between one of several guitars. Ultimately, it's about the question "what's the right choice for me?" — and helping you to answer it. If Ibanez isn't the right brand for you, we can always explore Tokai guitars together instead.

Why Music 440 is a Cost-Effective Option for Gretsch Guitars 

By putting a clear focus on reshaping the buying process for guitarists from start to finish, Music 440 aims to be a music shop for the everyman. With suggestions at the ready to help you find the perfect purchase, no deposit guitar financing, and convenient shipping options for those who aren't located near our store, everything you need to feel confident in your purchase is right here. Have questions to explore before you consider buying a new guitar? No worries — contact us today and let us know how we can help.