This Week's Line-Up - Martin Guitars now with new lower prices

If you were to think of an acoustic guitar that encompasses both tradition and innovation, is of the finest quality, and has been played by the who's who of guitarists, you could only be thinking of Martin & Co. acoustic guitars. Since their humble beginnings in 1833, they have been inventing instruments with features that have been copied by just about every guitar manufacturer since. You will be amazed when you find out just how much of the modern guitar design was thought up by the geniuses at Martin guitars. Head to the bottom of this email to find a link to the full Martin story, it is worth the read! For This Week's Line-up we are featuring the fantastic Martin models we currently have in stock, and we have decided to cut our everyday prices on them all. We are confident that these new prices are the best you will find in Australia, and we plan to keep it that way for all our future Martin stock too! We've got a good variety in stock now, with some sustainable timber models, some straight acoustics, some with pickups, some end of run models and of course the Martin SP strings. Have a look on the website, come in to the shop and have a play and who with our new lower prices, maybe you can even take one home! Everyone should own at least one Martin guitar.  
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