The best electric guitars for beginners

<h1><strong>Looking for the Perfect Guitar for Beginners? Start Here</strong></h1>

Looking for the Perfect Guitar for Beginners? Start With These

Often, the parents of beginner guitarists are the ones that come into Music 440 and buy guitars for their kids.

One of the best places to start is with a Squier Strat pack with a Champion amp. These packs are great choices for parents shopping for their kids – especially if they are not musicians themselves – because they come with everything that a beginner needs to get started right out of the box.  

If you want a setup more tailored to your child’s preferences, then it’s best to determine what style of music your child loves to play. We can then arrange a discounted price for the guitar and amp when bought as a package.

For instance, if your child likes heavy metal, we would suggest an Ibanez with a Blackstar amp that create that unmistakable rock-heavy sound. If your child is more interested in blues or jazz, then we often recommend starting them with a semi-acoustic guitar paired with a Strauss or Fender amp. This will give that clean but punchy sound that suits these styles of music.

Focus on the Basics

One mistake that we see a lot of people make is buying a guitar that might not suit their needs as a beginner.

Having a floating trem-style guitar is cool, but it would be best to learn to play the basics first. Floating trems require a lot more maintenance, and they can be temperamental, especially on the entry-level models.

Therefore, I recommend people start with a fixed bridge or Fender style trem.

The Best Starter Guitars for Beginners

Here are a couple of models of electric guitars that we often recommend to beginners:

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