ESP Re-Strung! Free Re-string and BBQ day

Music 440, along with ESP Guitars Australia are hosting a FREE GUITAR RESTRING DAY! Come down to Music 440 on Thursday 6 April 4pm-7pm for a BBQ and get your guitar re-strung for free thanks to Music 440 and ESP Guitars Australia!! We will also be offering the following strings for free: Dean Markley Electric 9-42 Dean Markley Electric 10-46 Dean Markley Electric 10-52 Dean Markley Acoustic 12-54 If you would like your guitar or bass strung with something else, we will be offering 50% off the RRP of all other brands of strings that we have in stock on the day. The cost of the actual restringing will be absolutely free! There is a limit of one guitar per person, and we will do our best to get to everyone on the day, however priority will be given to those with bookings, so to guarantee a re-string on the day, either call the shop directly on (07) 3878 4566, email us at or send us a message with the following details: 1. Your Name 2. Guitar Brand 3. Preferred Booking Time 4. String Brand and Gauge (only the Dean Markley strings are free) *If your guitar has a Floyd-Rose style bridge it will need to be left with us at the store to be completed in the following days.   Hope to see you on the day!