Bass Amp

Fender Bass Amps for the Studio and the Stage

Having a quality bass amp is just as important for sound as the guitar itself. At Music 440, we offer a range of Fender amplifiers to suit your needs, whether you’re performing on stage or recording in the studio. From the rich and balanced tone of the Rumble 15 to the superior tonal detail and low-frequency translation of the 410 Cabinet, you can have one to today with our Afterpay and Zip Pay services.

Benefits of Fender Rumble Series

Consider the benefits of these Fender bass amps:


  • Rumble Studio 40: The new 2019 Rumble Studio 40 is equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB audio, colour display, and is compatible with the Fender Tone App. Whether you select the new or older version, this model is ideal for recording enthusiasts, home musicians and beginners. It is lightweight and portable and features a 40-watt amplifier that gives you enough powerful sound for a small gig.
  • Rumble 410 Cabinet: This 4x10” enclosure has a great tone and exudes the punch, power and clarity that makes Fender famous. With superior Eminence speakers, a high-end compression horn and a magnetic head-attachment system, you will love rocking out on this bass amp. 
  • Rumble 115 Cabinet: Like all Fender Rumble amps, this Cabinet is affordable and has an impressive size to volume ratio. Although it’s small, it can be loud with a great tone. It also features an auxiliary output for media players and has 15” Eminence speakers.

What Sets Music 440 Apart Regarding Fender Rumble Amps

We provide excellent in-store and online customer service.


  • We stand by our products: Our staff use and recommend all the products we have on offer at our store. They have extensive knowledge about our instruments and equipment and can help you discover the right amp for your needs.
  • Our experienced staff have music backgrounds: Our owner plays in a band, and all our staff members are music enthusiasts. We can help you get the most out of your amp regardless of the situation you are playing, such as on stage or in a studio.
  • We have different finance options available: You can get your amp now by using Afterpay or Zip Pay. If you need a new bass guitar to go with your Fender amp, we have guitar finance available with no deposit necessary.

The Fender Rumble bass amps are ideal for all skill levels.

Why is Music 440 Cost-Effective?

We have been providing quality instruments and music equipment to beginners, enthusiasts and professionals since 2004. Our excellent customer service and products are now available Australia-wide through our online store. Our staff have extensive knowledge of our product range and can help you make the important decisions to ensure that you get the right guitar, bass, amp or other equipment you need. Whether you are just starting your music adventure or are in the middle of a career, we have the right product to give you the sound you desire. Contact us today to order your music equipment and pay through Afterpay, Zip Pay or talk to us about our no deposit guitar finance.