Acoustic Guitars Online

Make Sure You’re Ordering the Right Acoustic Guitars Online

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn or a seasoned player, you can find great acoustic guitars online. At Music 440 we offer a wide variety of choices to ensure you can find the best fit for you. You can purchase Anything from Corts to Fenders to Gretches with free shipping and flexible payment options. 

Tips For Purchasing Acoustic and Bass Guitars Online

When you’re ordering online, you have to make sure you’re getting what’s best for you.

  • Support local: Using the internet doesn’t mean you can’t still support local Australian businesses. There’s no need to pay exorbitant international shipping fees when you can find quality local suppliers like us. Give back to your community, one musical instrument at a time.
  • Try in store: Online prices tend to be lower than in-store costs, but you can still visit a local music store to try out different guitars. Compare the pros and cons of various brands and get hands-on with different string gauges and materials. Feel it out and make sure the best price is also the best match for you.
  • Deposit options: Purchasing an entire guitar outright can be a financial investment, which is why we help clients get the guitar of their dreams with flexible payment structures. We have no-deposit guitar financing available as well as Afterpay and Zip Pay options. This convenience makes it easier to get to the stage faster with the right equipment.

Related Services We Provide to Guitar Accessories Online

Don’t stop at the guitar. Deck out your sound with the variety of musical additions we carry.

  • All kinds of strings: Depending on your instrument and skill level, you’ll need different strings for your instrument. With us, you can buy guitar strings online and get them delivered too. We carry the spectrum of heavy to light gauge, metal to nylon, and round to flat. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll be able to help
  • Other instruments: If guitars aren’t quite your speed or you’re looking to become multi-talented, we carry other instruments as well. Try the ukulele to add a more original spin to your sound. Break out the percussion sounds for a big hit. Order a harmonica to get that retro vibe. 
  • Recording equipment: Learning to play the guitar is a fun hobby, but you can take it to the big leagues by investing in quality tools such as microphones, digital recorders and electric guitar amps, all online. These items will bring you one step closer towards achieving your dreams and turning your pastime into the primetime. 

Why You Should Choose Music 440

We founded our business on the idea of the right guitar for the right person. For 22 years, we’ve been connecting clients to the most suitable instruments because we believe it’s the guitar who chooses the person as well. To help you get a hold of that perfect piece we have free shipping across Australia for all orders over $50. If you’re in the area, you can always stop by our physical location in Indooroopilly outside Brisbane. Check out our selection of acoustic guitars to get started.