Acoustic Guitar Strings

Quality Acoustic Guitar Strings Available Online

When it’s time to replace your strings, consider buying acoustic guitar strings online instead. At Music 440 you can get strings cheaper and with a broader selection than in many stores. We carry a multitude of brands for guitars, strings and microphones so you can select the best fit for you.

Get More Out Of Acoustic and Electric Guitar Strings

Know what you’re looking for by doing your research on the options below.

  • Nylon versus metal: Pick out the right material for your strings to get the sound you want. Nylon is better for a classical folky sound and is also easier on your fingers, so they can be an excellent choice for beginners. Metal strings are more often used for rock music genre on both acoustic and electric guitars. There will also need to consider whether you want bronze, brass or steel as each can deliver a different tone. 
  • String gauge: The heaviness, or gauge, of a string can have a significant effect on your musical style and tone. Lighter gauges will enable quicker transitions and are better for “finger-picking” music. On the other hand, heavier strings give more bass and better riffs on an electric guitar.
  • Round or flat: Choosing the shape of your string is also essential for those with particular playing styles and needs. Round strings are ridged and make that tell-tale sound when you slide your fingers up or down the neck. Flat strings are a more traditional choice and create a softer sound preferred for blues and jazz music. If you’re not sure which is better for you, consider half wound strings which are a happy medium between the two options. 

Benefits of Ordering From Music 440

There’s a perfect guitar for you out there, and we won’t be satisfied until we help you find it.

  • Rotating promotions: When it’s time to cycle out stock or just because we offer discounts through our Spot Deals. You can pick up discounted accessories such as mic cables or new amps at a fraction of the price.
  • Wide selection: The world of guitars seems endless, and everyone has their preferences, which is why we pride ourselves on variety so we can help everyone. With dozens of brands and accessory options, we will help you deck out every part of your sound from strings to harmonicas to instrument cables. 
  • Payment options: Not everything can or should be bought outright, which is why we offer financial compromises such as Afterpay, Zip Pay and no deposit guitar financing. These will help you get started with your musical hobby without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Music 440

We’ve been helping clients for over 22 years by carrying the best selection of guitars and accessories in-store and online. To expedite the process and save you money on new instruments, we offer free shipping all over Australia for orders over $50. Our employees provide excellent customer service with every step of the way to help you find the guitar soulmate out there for you. Get started by seeing what catches your eye in our new arrivals section.