Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Enjoy Helpful Advice When You Shop for an Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Instruments such as an acoustic-electric guitar offer musicians exciting possibilities, crossing over from the realm of the purely analogue by offering digital flexibility, too. They can be an excellent option for beginners, also, allowing for the development of both fundamental playing skills and some of the technical know-how necessary to effectively use amplifiers and related hardware. At Music 440, we've been helping aspiring musicians connect with the ideal instruments for more than 20 years. How can we help you? 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Guitar Packages for Beginners

If you're just getting started, consider one of our useful packages to equip yourself with everything you need to begin playing in one purchase. Try these tips to stretch your investment:

  • Choose the right size when you're shopping to ensure you can hold and play the instrument comfortably. If you're purchasing a guitar for a younger player, look for 3/4 size guitars — these are scaled-down in size to fit younger hands. With that being said, adults can enjoy 3/4 guitars, too, and if you're a true beginner, you may even find the smaller size a more natural way to learn finger placement and more. 
  • Select a package that has everything you need to make a start. Our packs include not only the star of the show — the instrument itself — but also comes with a protective carrying case and some guitar picks to help you start plucking and strumming right away. 
  • Consider supplementing your purchase with additional accessories, such as extra strings, guitar cleaner, and microfibre cloths — all things that will help you keep your new instrument in its peak condition. Music 440 has everything you need to maintain your guitar after you select a package. 

A Short Buyer's Guide for an Electric Guitar 

Want to skip the acoustic-electric option and go straight for a purely electric guitar? Here's our guide for what to consider:

  • Settle on your budget and use it to determine the types of guitars you'd like to explore. Generally, as you go upwards in budget, the more advanced the instrument and the higher the level of skill necessary to tackle its unique attributes. For some, working up to a guitar's level is their preferred way to learn; for others, it makes more sense to opt for a starter package.
  • Consider the benefits of no-deposit guitar financing such as the options available through Music 440, which include both Zip Pay and Afterpay. Enjoy more time to pay with instalment-based options that let you divide the cost into monthly payments. Consider broadening your horizons with one of these convenient alternatives to paying upfront.
  • Don't forget that you'll need an amplifier and the right cable to connect your new electric or bass guitar to hear what you're playing clearly. 

There's plenty more to learn about electric guitars, and you'll find that our staff is a helpful resource you can tap into at any time. 

About Music 440  

With a rich heritage of supporting our local community and enabling new musicians to begin their instrumental explorations, Music 440 continues to provide top-shelf service to beginners and pros alike. From instruments to accessories, quality is our number one commitment. Explore these choices now, or contact us with your questions.